Cave in Rock Fluorite

Old Stock From A Private Collection

Crystal Victory Mine (U 72-75), Spar Mountain Area, Cave In Rock District, Hardin County, Southern Illinois. All mines in the area were closed by 1995.

General Information:

Fluorite is a mineral composed of calcium fluoride, CaF2 . It was formerly called fluorspar and its name comes from the Latin word for "to flow." Fluorite can be used as flux in the smelting of metallic ores. Illinois has historically been the largest producer of fluorite in the United States. Typically, fluorite from this mine comes in yellows, many shades of purple, with deep purple and blue being the rarest. Zoning and transparency (see through) in fluorite is a collector's dream for this area. Pyrite can sometimes be seen included in the fluorite. Barite and galena can also form in this mine.

Metaphysical qualities:

This mineral's energy helps the evolution of harmonious, peaceful and organized spiritual growth. Fluorite has been said to help clear the mind and heighten mental achievement while increasing the ability to concentrate. It can open unexplored avenues for investigation. It can help one to see the truth behind illusion. Fluorite is said to help eliminate the discord which causes infection and disease and to protect against illness. It can be used in the treatment of bones, teeth and cell structure. It has been used to assist in the prevention and repair of RNA and DNA damage.

The cube clusters look like advanced space cities and are frequently placed on desks to tune into when one is working under pressure.

Purple: Purple fluorite is a third-eye stone. It can bring an order to psychic and spiritual growth. It has also been used in treating disorders of the bone and bone marrow and cellular structures. It has been used to help make one open to accept healing.

Yellow: Yellow fluorite can be associated with enhanced creativity and intellect. It can help promote cooperation between all that exists. It has been used to help balance cholesterol and mental discontinuity. It can assist in releasing toxins from the fatty deposits within the body.

Blue: Blue Fluorite is good for creating order, calm and clear concise communications. It has been used in treating eye problems, blocked tear ducts, inflammation, and disorders of the inner nasal passages, inner ear, throat, and speech disorders.

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