Show Setup/Business Card

Below please see some pictures of a typical show setup for Dave's Rocks and Carvings. This can help you locate our booth at a show. Also, dealer chairmen can view what our booth may look like if we are invited to a new show.

Our business card information (front and back)

Dave's Rocks and Carvings
PO BOX 992, Albion, MI

Office Hours by Appointment
Retail and Wholesale
Phone: 484–459–1000
Owners: David & Bridget Ennis
Please turn card over

Soapstone Carvings
Metaphysical Minerals
Tumbled & Polished Stones
Mineral specimens
Rare & unique minerals
Young Living Oils Representative
Competitive pricing
Quantity discounts available

Pictures of Our Setup Below

Notice that we display minerals in flats. Everything is labeled with the correct mineral name and location as well as price. We also label anything which is dyed or man-made. We also carry animal carvings.There are tumbled stones and smaller items in black trays. We use dark blue tablecloths that reach the floor and a standard booth space for us is six to eight 8-foot tables. We usually use 3 to 5 additional tables inside for the fragile carvings and larger specimens. We use lights to illuminate each table.

Fossils in our setup
Labradorite slabs
Spheres in our setup
Cabochons in flats
Assorted polished stones
Soapstone carvings and tumbled stones
Flats of beads
Flats of assorted slabs
Tumbled stones and quartz

Thanks for looking!

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Dave's Rocks and Carvings, LLC
PO BOX 992, Albion, MI


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By Appointment, Contact us
for availability.
When phoning please call
between 10 am and 8 pm EST.