Cutting Rough

Below is the list of cutting rough that we currently carry. Please ask us for prices and quantity available for purchase. In most cases our cutting rough ranges in size from 1 inch to several inches. We only occasionally bring rough to the shows due to space limitations. If you want us to bring cutting rough to a show, please contact us. Please note that we do regularly bring slabs of cutting rough.

Current inventory (over 10,000 lbs total):

Ametrine (Bolivia)
Bloodstone (India)
Blue Lace Agate (Africa)
Brazilian Agate (Brazil)
Carnelian Agate (Madagascar)
Crazy Lace Agate (Mexico)
Dendritic Agate (Madagascar)
Dendritic Soapstone (Montana)
Fancy Jasper (India)
Labradorite (Madagascar)
Lapis (Afghanistan)
Ocean Jasper (Madagascar)
Petrified Wood (Arizona)
Red Jasper (Madagascar)
Rose Quartz (Brazil, Madagascar)
Ruby in Fuchsite (India)
Snowflake Obsidian
Sodalite (Brazil)
Turitella Jasper
Unakite (Virginia)
Zymara Agate (Madagascar)

Ametrine (Bolivia, old stock from the 1970's!) NOT HEAT TREATED

Ametrine in slabs

Ametrine in Slabs

Ametrine rough

Ametrine in the Rough

Bloodstone (India)

Bloodstone rough

Bloodstone rough

Dendritic Soapstone (Montana)

Dendritic Soapstone with a carving. Extremely rare material.
Not your average soapstone.
Note: we currently do not slab this material or bring to the show.

Dendritic Soapstone rough and with a carving

Labradorite (Madagascar)

Labradorite cut and the outside rough appearance.

Labradorite rough

Ocean Jasper (Madagascar)

Ocean Jasper rough

Ocean Jasper rough

Rose Quartz (Madagascar)

Rose Quartz rough. We have the light color pink to very
dark color pinkish purple (Maroon Rose quartz)

Rose Quartz rough

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