Please ask about quantity available for purchase. We will continually add new inventory and update accordingly.


tumbled stone pendants (various)

heart cats eye pendant (various)

heart hematite pendant (various colors) man-made

wire wrapped natural Tibetan point pendant

heart Opalite pendant, man-made

wire wrapped & polished rose quartz, clear quartz & amethyst from Brazil
Green Aventurine and Golden Tiger Eye from China

drilled pendant point (various)

Wire-wrapped rose quartz pendant (polished and shaped) pictured below:

Wire-wrapped Rose Quartz pendant

Animal Pendants

Note: Animal Pendants come in varying animals and gemstones.
One-size-fits-all black cord included

Dragon Pendant

Tumbled stone bracelets

Brecciate Jasper
Carnelian Agate
Clear Quartz
Dalmatian Jasper
Fancy Jasper
Goldstone - man-made
Goldstone (Blue) - man-made
Green Aventurine (out)
Mookaite Jasper
Picture Jasper
Rose Quartz
Snowflake Obsidian
Tiger Eye (Golden)

Carnelian Agate Bracelent pictured below:

Carnelian Tumbled Stone Bracelet

Magnetic Bracelets (about 36" long)

Metallic colored beads are the magnetic part of the bracelet. The length is around 36" long. The rest of the bracelet is composed of glass colored beads and stylish metal beads. We have at least 6 different colors of glass beads currently in stock. (man-made)

Metallic colored bead magnetic bracelets

Hematite Cross (no chain or coupling but hole is drilled)

Size is about 1": each.

Hematite Cross

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