Rocks and Minerals

Please contact us for prices and quantity available for purchase. We will continually add new inventory as new shipments of quality minerals will come in on a regular basis.  There may be some minerals not added to the website but you can see them at our next show. We will do our best to update any changes in inventory as quickly as possible.


Blue Fluorite “Fish stick” Bingham NM
Brown Fluorite from Clay Center OH
Cave in Rock Fluorite from Illinois
Chinese Fluorite
Spanish Fluorite


Angel Aura Quartz Point
Actinolite in Quartz from Pakistan
Ajoite Included Quartz Points and Clusters
Aqua Aura Quartz Points and Clusters (and other color varieties)
Arkansas Quartz Points and Clusters
Beta Morion Quartz from Brazil (RARE)
Black Phanthom in Quartz from Brazil (RARE)
Brazil Quartz Points and Clusters
Candle Quartz (purple)
Candle Quartz (white)
Carbon Included Double Terminated Point from Tibet
Carbon Included Tibetan Quartz
Cathedral Quartz from Pakistan
Chlorite in Quartz from Pakistan
Citrine Point (natural) from Brazil
Clear Corinto Lemurian from Brazil
Clear Quartz Clusters from Madagascar
Clear Quartz from Brazil
Clear Tibetan Quartz Points and Cluster
Colombian Lemurian Seed Crystal
Corinto Phantom Lemurian from Brazil
Diamantina Quartz Wands
Epidote in Quartz aka Dream Quartz
Faden Quartz from Pakistan
Golden Healer from Brazil
Golden Lemurian from Brazil
Growth Interference Points and Clusters from Russia
Hedenbergite from China
Hematite Included Quartz with Anatase from Brazil
Herkimer Diamond (Floating) NY
Herkimer Diamond (Jewelry Grade) NY
Lemongrass Cathedral Quartz (Combo of Citrine and Smoky) from Brazil
Lightning Struck Quartz from Brazil
Lithium Quartz from Madagascar
Lodolite Included Quartz from Brazil
Molybdenite in Quartz from Peru
Orange Phantom (Hematoid) Quartz from Brazil
Pakistan Quartz Clusters and Points
Pink Lemurian from Brazil
Quartz Lemurian from Brazil
Red Hematite with Goethite from Madagascar
Red Lemurian from Brazil
Red Lemurian (Transitional) from Brazil
Smoky Corinto Lemurian from Brazil
Smoky Elestial from Brazil
Smoky Quartz from Argentina
Smoky Points from Brazil
Smoky Quartz from Colorado
Star Quartz with Hollandite
Tangerine Quartz from Brazil
Tangetine Quartz Points from Madagascar
Twisted Quartz (aka Vortex) from Brazil

Other Minerals

Amazonite Specimens from Colorado
Amethyst Black Chevron Points from Brazil
Amethyst Clusters from Brazil
Amethyst Phantoms from Namibia
Amethyst Points from Brazil
Amethyst Points from Uruguay
Amethyst Points (With Cut Base) from Brazil
Azurite from China
Bismuth (lab made)
Black Kyanite Blades from Brazil
Black Tourmaline from Pakistan
Blue Kyanite in Matrix from Brazil
Celestite from Madagascar
Citrine Clusters from Brazil
Citrine Points
Dioptase from Congo
Dravite (Brown) Tourmaline from India
Fulgurite from Morocco
Green Tourmaline from Brazil
Green Tourmaline (other colors too) in Matrix from Brazil
Gypsum Rosette from Mexico (Desert rose)
Iron Pyrite from Peru
Karur Amethyst Elestials
Lepidolite from Brazil
Petalite from Brazil
Pink Kunzite from Brazil
Selenite Wand from Morocco
Staurolite (Fairy Stone Crosses)
Zeolite from India
Inventory is always changing

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